It made me realise that learning a new skill to impress potential future employers is an utter waste of time

Understanding complex systems is hard; why not expand your toolkit?

Source: Michele K. Short/Netflix. Why not hug a computer?

Firstly, sense-making. What is that?

Let’s start as…

From Amazon’s facial recognition moratorium to the rejection of Chinese apps: why are Big Tech and nation states alike withholding services?

Protests at the US Consulate in Hong Hong, 2019. Unsplash

Privacy is too big to understand. But do all of us really need to understand it?

Image by me

1. No one cares about privacy


My likeness doesn’t belong to anyone but me — stop turning it into data

Isn’t it funny that this whole time, we weren’t aware that the UK government could do a better job than Google and Apple combined?

Matt Hancock thinking of his great idea for an app

The current rhetoric is that data privacy is something you should care about — but in order to truly keep data private, you actually have to value it.

Georgia Iacovou

Writing about data privacy and tech ethics; dismantling what Big Tech firms are doing in a way that’s easy to understand

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